My marriage hangs in the balance.

My father is convicted of his sin of sexually mistreating me when I was 17.

He has abused his power to keep me under his thumb all my life, despite my being married and having a child who needed me. My husband and son disbelieve me.

We are divorced. I have asked my mother to invite him to their anniversary dinner in 2 weeks. My son and his girlfriend will be there. My son has always been their anniversary guest. Me? Never. My mother has declined to inbite him (my husband.)

Over against their changing their minds and finally welcoming my husband with open arms as my husband and the love of my life, I have 2 books, the one, a blog book ftom late last yesr which I have finally decided to publish after all, look for it at lulu.com bookstore in the next month or or so. Its called Every Cloud…, a Collection of Short Works. Its an edit of a book I srlf-published in late 2016. I was stuck with the title.

More significantly, there is the all new book i have been working on this year which could be years in the making.

If my ex and I remarry I could dump it but if we don’t it will be my solace.

Everything hanging in the balance as I go to sleep tonight; ky son will be here; and I anticipate church tomorrow morning with joy. .

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