The National Review article in Yahoo News which I get on my cell phone brought me to a screeching halt. Entitled “The Impeachment Farce Limps Along to Its Anticlmax,” it excoriates Democrats for their DISRESPECTFUL attacks on Donald Trump. The attack is rich with vitriol against wrong-minded opponents of the Predident and concludes with this message: “At a certain point, very late and very far down on the behavioral scale, the country demands that the person they have chosen to be not just the leader of the government but the personification of the state, the head of the people…[be treated with respect]… Donald is the rightful President.

Sorry, I’m coming back the next day and the article is no longer available.

But its language brought back to my mind my own dismay at how–sone months ago–Nancy Pelosi addressed Mr. Trumo like a small child. I was deeply offended, even for his manhood, let alone his legitimate Presidency.

In today’s news she is easily caught posturing, the consummate career politician, in her preamble to the Vote on Rules for the Impeachment process: “Nothing less than our Democracy is at stake.” First class political bull; is my impression.

I did not want to come here to post this. I signed off of politics after coming to Trump’s defense earlier this year; it has gotten me into trouble in the past to enter the political fray and I dont want go there again. I have a personal life at stake.

I am disturbed by Mt. Trump’s recent actions in foreign policy. But, taking a cue from a staffer who refers to Mr. Trump’s “unique genius” in recent news. I am ready to harbor strange intimations that Mr. Trump is on the right track in this regard. The National Revuew article points out that in so many other areas, such as the economy, Mr. Trump posts positive results.

He is not a career politician and he makes some mistakes. But my conscience leads me to quote this National Review polemic here as I have and to recall my similar feelings about the shameful mistreatment of Mr. Trump by savvy politicians and the Press, for politically motivated reasons.

It’s been a long time since I commented on the news or even paid any attention as I have been dealing with intensely personal issues. But, I have to agree with Ms. Pelosi, regarding the future of our nation when a man cannot be made President without ante-ing up in the political poker game in Washington: “Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.”

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