Tears of Joy

After 40 years, my parents have fessed up about an unfortunate sexual incident that has been poisoning us in secrecy all these years. It didnt hit me at first. It went down in my psychotherapist’s office on Wednesday; today is Saturday. We’ve been going through the motions since then; waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What i wasnt realizing is that they had denied this incident to my husband and son all these years; they were told it was a delusion; and that it wasn’t me that finally brought it out last week; it was my therapist (my and my father had come with me at my request.) That’s a relief–i dont have to take responsibility. And, shes a trained, CHRISTIAN psychotherapist; so I dont have to worry that I cant reach her on the weekrnd: God’s in charge; and she can work with that.

So, I can tell that my mother–who has been very close to my son–is worried about to do. The Lord has shown me how to reassure her until the meeting with her, me and the therapist next week.

All i can do is hope for the best; and, also, realize that, at this point, it’s not just about me; its been 40 years. I have a dilemma, in that my mother has done a lot towards raising my son, she disdained to help me; she interfered, removed me to the psych ward, where I got sicker and sicker, and did it herself. My son loves her and has always believed her and doesnt want to change anything. He has his mentally mother and his fairy tale grandmother, he has suffered and this is what has held him together. Dont know what to do. All i can do is trust in the Lord for all of us.

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