Hello! I am returning after a long absence.

I have been progressing in my psychotherapy and religion toward a much better place.

You will find that my style has greatly changed and will continue to evolve with a total reworking of my mental structures from abysmally complicated (before) to dynamic and complex (now).

My psych meds have changed.

Also, I am finally growing into my age (58).

Word to the wise: I will not be writing about race matters any more. I WILL be writing to support the PRO-LIFE agenda. Not here though, that is for my book. I will be writing here; and at the same time I am working on a book. It will be spiritual, autobiographical, and Pro-Life. Here I will be dealing with the day-to-day. It is a very exciting time for me. As I slowly trudge out of 40 years bondage toward a new life. Bondage to sin, is one way to look at it. But, also, I was literally detained within a psychiatric diagnosis and psychiatric medication that weren’t right for me and FINALLY there is a solution.

Or, it’s just time.


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