Meghan and Harry


It started with Monica Lewinski.

Then, the Twin Towers.

Then, Barak Obama.

Then, Donald Trump, a White supremacist.

Now, Meghan is dragging Harry off to Canada. The Queen knows to acquiesce. Because she is the Queen. She is divinely inspired. Head of the Anglican Church.

Everything is going to be okay.

I am just holding on tight to myself that I don’t say the wrong thing here. I am a Brit, born English on American soil. At that time they didn’t know we were going to be staying (my parents.) So, after a while they adjusted that and started calling us “Anglo-American.” (And we all know that Americans are stupid.) So, I fell through the cracks and that created a pathway.

So, I don’t write about Black race matters any more. The Lord has told me that I may resume and continue to write about abortion.

BIG CHANGE in the works.

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