As i sift through my past in light of this new information–that my cat’s pregnancy back in 85/86 traumatized me FOR A REASON; i am looking back on the stays at the state hospital during 86 to 88 with new insight. I understand that there was a reason for me to be there.

The first was the college literary magazine Presidency; they had to make me go away.

The second was the computer program that wrote essays on poetry that i created at about the same time. The teaching assistant who encouraged it went on to work at a major engineering firm near school. I visiied him there after returning to school after my years leave of absence. I am quite sure that they took a copy of the program. He had asked me to bring it; they disappeared with it for about 10 minutes; and then i was dismissed.

So, the Lord assures me, that WAS also going on while i was at the state hospital: they were wresting my program from me; nobody thought i was ever coming back.

So; here I am.

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