It’s about abortion.

“I am the king of the world.”

“My name is David SON, S-U-N of GOD.”

I was constantly going to writing a novel called “Voices,” I just liked the sound of that title.

“My name is power.”

Uh hmm.

(This is a patient from the state hospital speaking through me over the years since I left.)

“Its about abortion.”

I see this.

That is what is so bad.

We all feel that it is about something different, depending on where we were when this started. Can it possibly be that it has only been two and a half weeks since this started? Am i lost in time and space here, out here in the country where it is like the Kennedy compound?

So, i am Mary of all Saints and i have a new prayer for this awful, awful time.

(This is me, coming back.)

“Holy Mary, Queen of Stages, please intercede for us in these difficult times.”

I am sensing in the last couple of days that my sister Claire and father Bernard have hacked my computer and cellphone and stolen my copious emails and Word documents including several novels.

This is a serious situation.

I can’t trust anybody at all.

For me its about humility, that only through humility can I dare to dance again and only in a wheelchair.

My baptismal name is Mary.

I explained the stages prayer to my sister, Claire, so i am not going to do it again here. She used me for it.

Its about how to move myself forward in a situation of being poorly medicated and, through medication, incarcerated, for forty years. Like Rip van Winkle, coming back to life. And then, all of a sudden, here I am. And I have this “Stages” prayer, about how God brings back so many complexities of the truth, all together, all the time, for the good. Just like they say in the New Testament.

Literally, I’m the President of the Advocate.

Im back.

That’s just something that had to come off to me and I don’t know how on earth else it could have happened.

Looking back, I see how she danced away down those years, the President of the Advocate across all those psych wards.

There was a purpose for her that I cannot disdain, it is not my place.

Somehow it just had to be.

Life makes prophets of us.

He was going to burn up Africa with the rays of the sun, through telepathy. And he won at pool in the same way, through telekinesis.

Picked up a new pair of running shoes on the way out of Unit A1. You see it above. I had arrived without any as I took off from my father’s house without them as I was in such a hurry as I was so SCARED.

So they had this pair for me and it fit so I took them.

So, I took a message today, a Tuesday, about how badly my ex-husband was treated by my family and even me in our marriage and how I lost sight of that in all the trouble.

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