De facto ban on cigarette smoking a human rights injustice

This flew with Barak Obama

Just because he needed to quit smoking we all had to.

There was a movement that started out in California in the early 90’s.

And they lead the nation.

At that point, it was a question of banning smoking in public places such as restaurants.

And that was horrible for me as I was a career psych patient smoker.

But then, I got pregnant with my son in February of ’93 and it worked for me. I was smoking about two one half cigarettes a day by the time I hit my stride with the pregnancy. (In other words, one whole cigarette per day.) On the psych ward I went to in order to get help with staying off the psych meds for the baby, I was having the one cigarette an hour that we were permitted on the psych ward–they had started that in California. It worked out for me, because I got used to the not smoking. I had already reduced the smoking to about a pack a day (down from 3 packs a day.) And I had already cut out the coffee. Before I got pregnant.

I have to admit that Obama’s de facto ban on smoking through the tax that prohibitively increases the cost; has effectively reduced my smoking to nil; (this is also through over a year on 2 psych wards where I couldn’t smoke after a very serious suicide attempt.)

The Lord works everything to the good.

But He (the Lord) is also showing me that the cigarettes I am “doing” now are for the good. Up to about 10 a day, from nothing or only 2 or 3 or, for a long time, only 3 or 4.

This is connecting me with times in the past where I was a heavier smoker in a way that is healing for me.

It is similar to what He (the Lord) is doing to my diet. ALLOWING my eating is resolving a HORRIBLE life long diet/food obsession to resolve into normal food consumption. Eating for energy and so that I am not hungry; a dynamic i never had in my life. I was either binge eating or dieting ALL THE TIME. This is a factor in the PHYSICAL situation underlying my lifelong psychoanlysis; I was bound up in a condition involving terrible constipation due to a crippling, minor problem with my sexuality that evolved into the most horrifying problems through poor professional attention that triggered situations that went out of control.

So; the Lord is leading me similarly with regard to smoking. For decades I smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day. For 4 years I smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day. I couldn’t sleep. My son was at boarding school. That’s all I did. Sleeping on and off for two hours at a time throughout the day and night; generally I had to cancel hair, dentist, and medical appointments; I made about half of them; I was taking a muscle relaxant for several muscle spasms during 2 of those years; so that got done.

With the cigarettes I was drinking large glasses of water from the dispenser in the fridge; no alcohol; limited coffee.

Sitting by the little window in the kitchen with a fan on the table to draw the smoke out.

This at our gorgeous 3-bedroom home with a pool in South Florida. How did this all happen?

So, Barak Obama came on board and I took all this personally. I had written letters to the Times about his policies on abortion when he was running for office that made human rights analogies involving images of fetuses and animals and this got me into severe trouble. That was the way I felt. I had stood up for Black civil rights in the hospital in Maryland when we lived there just after my son was born. And I had taken that with me to Florida where the racial climate was so much more severe. I didn’t realize that no one know about that and didn’t understand about my positive and proactive view about race, that I REALLY WANTED TO BE ON BOARD WITH THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT AND i COULDNT BECAUSE OF HIS RECKLESS POSITION ON ABORTION.

During the transition months before he took office I wrote to his Transition Team because I got so mad when right away he moved to strike a Presidential Executive Order by Bush, I can’t remember the correct term for this; “Initiative?”; but he was going to strike it down like it was an “of course” that it MEANT NOTHING; and I had to differ with that.

I felt like I was on a par with him, I have to admit, because of my Harvard degree, there was literally a social connection with him as he was there at the Law School right around the same time as I was an undergraduate. I didn’t handle that well.

But the reaction wasn’t what I expected.

I admit that I was very paranoid at that time.

Next thing I know, he is striking down every form of progress by pro-Lifers and instituting every form of protection of women seeking abortion and every available form of abortion.

And, I get a letter in the mail about my Disability pay being reviewed.

And, cigarettes are being taxed. This is a panic issue for me at that time.

So, here it is, 12 years later.

It needs to be put back about the smoking.

Mr. Obama was a somewhat immature man. He made some mistakes. He was the first Black President and that’s terrific. And it is great that now there is a successful and laudable Black President in the pantheon of American Presidents. That is HUGE and it won’t go away.

And my current psychotherapist, a Christian female, had helped me heal from the horrible places in my heart that my troubles with Mr. Obama as a human rights activists in Florida took me to during his presidency. Through being on the wrong side of him.

There are positive and proactive reasons for cigarettes. Like alcohol. People who drink are often sloppy, violent and offensive. I don’t drink at all and I don’t like being around people who do. And there are lost of fatal accidents because of drunk driving. But it’s not banned.

But, because there are positives about drinking because of people who enjoy it WITHOUT abusing it, we keep it WIDELY available.

There are also serious medical issues with excessive alchohol use.

Right now it feels like smoking is being priced out of existence.

Consider “Ingrid Bergman smoking” in the movie “Casablanca.” The lovely, occasional benefit of an in-control smoke–like I have now! I go outside to smoke. I absolutely do not smoke indoors. Only outside in my mother’s beautiful gardens.

Sometimes I go outside I go outside in a tense moment and take a cigarette and figure things. At those moments I am reminded of native inhabitants of this continent and the peace pipe. I “take counsel” through the calming and peaceful moment created through the occasional, comforting use of a cigarette.

It’s American!

So, yes, it’s a good thing to have some serious limits on smoking. My mother fed them to me when I was a mental patient and this shouldn’t have happened. It was an abnormal situation which has been addressed through the intimate interior works of the Lord.

But, it has gone to far.

There are good things through cigarettes/

We allow abortion–the killing of unborn children–but ban cigarette smoking?

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