Eye injury.


House party.


She was there for all of it.

I tried to stop the relationship between our two families, knowing that it would bring no good.

I see her now.

She was stalking him all along. And he enjoyed it. All along.

Our family didnt have a chance against her. Thats why her kid did it to my son (his SECOND best friend. As he was alwats quick to point out.) Threw a dart at his face. Hit him in tbe eye.

Joann was strictly on board for the money.

Next thing I knew I was throwing boiling hot cowboy coffee at him. Boiled on the stove. Hot as anything. Didnt know what I was doing. Alex had said the daughter was going to have a party in there. I was upstairs in bed writing out my last will and testament. Because I was so ill. Alex was telling me to commit SUICUDE

Finally I tried.

If course, Joann was there.

They broke my smile at the psych ward over a supposed racial slight. My face and eyes went all weird. Someone said something about “a sight of the psych ward.”

Joann cleaned out my apartment. The lease was ending. She put everything away nicely in my room at home for when I got back.

Someone removed all the important photos and papers, that were laid out all over the floor. Joann told me that my mother was asking after the lacquered oriental Haiku box that I toted around with me since college, a gift from my father. My mother wanted to keep an eye out on that.

It was a holiday, i dont remember the time of year other than that it was warm and sunny. This was in Florida. She and her husband brought over a plate of food. She said, “Ive had about enough of Harvard graduates,” or something like that. I was one, and her recent boss was one.

So, it was all over after that.

I had brain damage from the overdose. The Klonopin stayed in my body for too long because of my severe constipation. I was high as a kite. 3 months worth of Klonopin and Risperdol.

So, sometimes a thing is well just because it ends.

I don’t know why I threw that coffee at my son. It was a bizarre act and I have to acknowledge that I did not understand the gravity of it at the time in a conscious way and was what what made it so horrible.

Its a decade since then.

Im still scrambled from the tasering. The police say it didnt happen. They touched my neck with sonething and I literally flipped over and landed on my head. I had a terrible concussion and was out of my mind on the psych ward they put me on.

But, I understand now.

Alex was ready to go. There was no escaping it. You cant escape someone leaving you. There is no place to hide from it.

Im so sorry Ian.

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