The British Royalty

Underlying everything else that is going here is the effects of a long ago love affair in Britain in the 1940s. It was one of many reasons that I was held at Harvard despite everything. For reasons of Society. Which I wont belabor here.

But, the sad fact is that, in the 2010s, at our home in Seminole, Florida, I had to explain to my son–not even knowing whether it was true–that in England they probably wanted to “off” him as unwelcome progeny of the empire. And, me also!!!

As I have said here, friend Mark from WSH explained to me about Parliamentary rule and I thought about the movie, Breaker Morante (“…scapegoats of the bloody Empire!”) and the last Tom Cruse Mission Impossible movie ending wirh a comical scene in British Parliament.

People dont understand.

I did not explicitly state the fact that my parents are British, or, were; my mother died around this time last year; now, everyrhing is coming out in the wash.

The cat, Tanner was found last night after four hours he miraculously reappeared.

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