Twin Trajectories

So, I was moving along on a two-pronged ride. My father and my ex had me in their pockets and I couldnt stop how I was being forced to move.

So, I have been blogging, texting, posting, and emailing myself out of this hole; and praying: back to back novenas to St. Jude and St. Therese of Lsieux and the Divine Mercy Chaplet every Friday and rhe Rosary daily as I am able.

And the Lord is finally bringing me OUT.

So, I am hoping in the Lord for my own “new normal” through all of this.

That would take the shape of a financial settlement from my ex husband that would enable me to move out on my own–with my two cats, Travis and Tanner!–where I would be able to write, and establishing a better rapport with my father, relinquishing any old b.s. to move along into the 2020s.

This I pray.

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