Ian, love, i remember your poor little eyes.

I didnt know!

Little newborn babies have wobbly eyes! I thought rhat something was wrong because I couldnt look into your eyes and I was afraid I harmed you by trying to engage your eyes.

And then, something terrible happened, you fell and hit the corner of your eye, I cant remember but Grandma said Dad did it and he said he didnt and that was just too bad if I didnt believe him. You had a little bit of blood in the corner of your eye.

Then, we were in Maryland and I was having trouble with my own eyes, I had been getting eye spasms, I was always “wiping” my eyes, it was part if my OCD at that time. Forrest saw an old picture and asked what happened to my eyes. And yours too. At that time you had an obvious problem with your left eye.

Fast forward to Florida 2009 (?) and the DART. I had just asked Joann a few months earlier for the name of an opthalmologist to get it addressed about that eye. And Colin threw the dart and it lodged in your eye, 2 mm from your brain…

Here it is a dozen years later and I am reeling from the blow.

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