My Life

Right now my future daughter-in-law (that’s how I see it) is a big part of my life.

Unfortunately every time I turn around I step on her toes or she steps on mine and this has been going on for the longest time. She is Brazilian and I see that as significant and important about her but it makes her angry if I notice it. I got a new calendar a few weeks ago with a slightly darker peach color background and I was thinking, well that will remind me to keep her on my agenda. And her Facebook icon is currently hovering on my cell phone screen. I dont know how that happens, I know it will go away in a while. But that always keeps her in my mind.

I dont think she takes it seriously that I think she will be my son’s wife, she is so young; I am constantly being upended in some regard.

My son is at just the right age to marry, has a good job.

I dont think she gets it.

Theyre having a lovely time.

My father, who is in his 80s, is involved improperly .

Right now that is critical as this situation and these relationships have come to a breaking point in the wake of my mothers death last year. I just draw a blank when I try to figure the immigrant little girl who spoke a different language and the Americanized young woman, she is opaque.

There were some horrible scenes this time last year–right after my mother’s death—that are frightening to recall and some devastating impact from that. I have been in recovery.

I had lost track; now I am picking that up again.

My life is coming back together from the long ago past. Its MARVELOUS whats happening!

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