So. Allentown


I was back in my apartment after dinner there with my mother, father, sister and her then husband. My sister and I had both gotten the exact same red hair dye and pixie haircut completely independent of one another. She had asked my mother not to tease her about it.

Something happened there, I always figured that if my mother was out of the picture we would connect but there was some animosity from her at the dinner table that made me wonder about that.

So, I was back in my apartment and I went to my blog and posted a reference to the song ” Hey, You, Get Off of my Cloud,” by the Rolling Stones. And that was about my sister. I didnt really feel right about that as I have always been taught to set aside my needs for hers.

So, fast forward to TODAY, my father has returned from a trip to State College to see her. He may have been exposed to the virus so there will be a black out until here until she gets the test results on Monday for whether she has the virus. So, he–my father–and I will be staying separate in our separate ends of the house until then.

He has had a vaccine and I havent. I dont really know what that means.

So, my mother. After hovering for a year in limbo after her death, she has caught up with the 40-year procrastination list and she is in ON MY SIDE.

She wanted me to say rhis.

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