I am stuck here in a rant about my up n coming book, pending a years wait to organize my ideas and figured out how you write a novel. That would be after I get out on my own.

Saw the movie about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook last night, from 2010; was absolutely flabbergasted.

Issues with Mark, “asshole”?!!! Red haired Jew, issues with Harvard mens clubs in 2003?!!!

I figured in the end that that was some kind of warp in the weave from way back in the early 80s; a kind of bottlenecking of a set issues on a similar note 2 decades before for me when I was there.

My question is, why did I never see this until now?

I was worried about how hard I went down from there, socially and financially and how I would remedy that with lawsuits; and then I saw that it was eally true! That I chose a path of poverty. The Lord honored this. It was silly and Satanic the way that I cast it but the Lord turned that around for me to the good.

I did a lot of crazy online spending in Florida, like, a $500 Chinese wood inlay ping pong paddle for Ian. And I enjoyed giving to charities and causes. Because Alex was making so much money!!!

He gave me what I needed to raise our child: furniture, a safe home, clothing, food, a private school education.

Then, all that ended and I had enough money from him to live on my own for a while because the marriage didnt work any more.

All the while I was styling myself a thinker. Because thats what I said on the psych ward in West Reading after the nearly fatal overdose in 1986. That I wanted enough money to sit around thinking about the problems of our day. And thats what the Lord gave me. A small disability paycheck and psych wards whereon to sit around talking to people.

Then, my marriage.

I also wanted babies. 3 or 4. That was so sad for me. I lost 2 and had only one.

That’s the way I had my work cut out for me as a serious writer.

I will be writing about Abortion. It is an issue desperately close to my heart.

God willing.

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