clairvoyance; 2

how do you “spell clairvoyance”?

Well, I typed “clairvoyance spell” into the search bar and found even more than I was looking for.

A man at the state hospital put a “spell” on my sister “Clair[e] and that proved through 38 years of Clair[e] seeing (as in voyeur] my sexual injury back in the pool in Summit, New Jersey; when I didn’t see it myself yet.

So, this half-way came out a few hours ago in my last post. I didn’t want to go near bringing that up again a few hours ago as I have beleaguered that poor man at the state hospital so many times about putting a Satanic spell on me (through my sister.)

But now I am freed up to do so as I recognized that he did at that exact moment take the spell off of us finally and I am able to address this in a reasonable way.

At one point, in Florida, in the 2010’s, my ex declared that he was a warlock. He had been in a Satanic motorcycle gang in Canada after his family sent him there from the Canadian military base in Germany where he spent his high school years.

I figure that he was the one perfect man for me. As I had also had a weird high school experience on the top of Skiff Mountain in Litchfield County Connecticut. And, of course, there only needs to be one perfect man.

Also, he was in the University of New Brunswick “UNB mafia”–the survey engineering program there, nicknamed as such; just as I was on the staff of the Harvard Advocate, which almost destroyed me but somehow I lived to tell the tale.

So, I am still waiting for him to prove through the marriage. He needed to find his way in America and he did a lot of that through me. At this point I trust that SOME of the b.s. my father pulled was for the good in a way I couldn’t have understand at the time; and what wasn’t can be redeemed.

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