Tasering in South Florida

I was tasered in South Florida around 2010, before divorcing my husband there; and relocating here to PA.

I dont have a whole lot to say about it any more other than what I have just said to my son. That it was not a lie.

Similarly. The “de facto torturing” of the clamped catheter wirh a UTI in the ICU after an overdose here in Berks County, PA, in 1986 that left me vegetative for years.

People were told that this wasnt true.

I didn’t know.

So, how this has all been played out is pure Proust.

In Florida, I went to see a gynecologist a couple of years after getting there.

Because of the state hospital stay (my understanding TODAY is that my ex husband was also told that that was a lie; that I was there) and the overdose and that I almost died from pain; I was stuck in the 80’s. If I went to write 1996 I would write 1986 instead. This went on well into the 2000s.

And so it was that when i went to “A Place ForWomen” in Clearwater(?) Largo (?) (I saw their sign and called); I filled out the paperwork and accidentally wrote a date in the 1980s fir nt last ob/gyn visit instead if the 90’s and the upshot was that the Nurse Practitioner who saw me had the impression that I had had my baby on the couch in Buffalo where he was born,; she remained my gyn go to for the rest of my years in Florida; I was unable to correct that horrible impression and noone else would see me. i was extremely obese; didn’t shower properly and had awful SECUALITY issues. But certain things–such as proper medical care–had always bern in place for me. This was devastating.

So, I look back at that and I see the tasering. There was just not way out from the hole I had dug for myself there.

So, the word for me TODAY: Jesus is the magic. That is what is going to carry all this through.

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