About Georgia

After thevstate hospital I spent my whole life running after a woman who had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE.

Fir 32 years, she has stayed “under the radar.” I can hear her in my mind right now calling “Police Police.” Thats just how this is.

I met this woman in the middle of a difficult situatuon on the Lodge Program psych unit at Wernersville State Hospital in 1987 when I was 26. I was having troubke wirh another woman from out of town who had totally blown me apart and I thought that maybe Georgia was the remedy as you have it on a psych ward. Matching baggage. She was telling me about her horrible childhood, being nonverbal, getting scraped out because her constipation got so bad; and the like. She had attended a private school in Lancaster, although her family was from Allentown. That didnt mean a lot to me because I had attended a boarding school that was a lot harder.

I didnt realize that she was antagonized by me and that the staff was on her side. Simply put, i was from way out of town (the Boston area). And there weren’t many of us like that. Strictly speaking, she was local and loved.

When she complained st the nurses station about my yelling “No!” at her when she came into the bathroom to bum a cigarette from me when I was IN THE BATHTUB, I couldnt believe what I was hearing and I didnt hear all of it. All I knew was that the staff psychologist was standing next to me and offeted to take my side and I didnt know that I needed to let him.

That was her walking papers from there We BOTH left shortly afterwards.

I ran into her again at the partial hospital program in town and I was taking her all over the place in my little Dodge Colt. There was some nasty stuff that happened. She was very dependent and I couldnt really handle it. She always told me all her secrets.

Our mutual friend R. in Reading told me that she told the other women not to see me. R. and I, instead, became very close.

Then, the weirdest thing happened. I left Reading and I left R. and also left Georgia and found myself running into Georgia all across the nation, from Southern California to Rockville, Maryland, to Clearwater, FL and then–recently–back here in Allentown a few years ago.

She was stalking me in some weird way that I did not know.

So, now, tentatively, I want to live her again; not go back to Florida. But this is in the way as my understanding is that she is still here in the Allentown area; where no psychiatrist has been willing to see me.


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