This Just In

So, its about David at Wernersville again.

All of this.

Its about the spell.

The clincher was when I remembered the moment when I flipped out on my mother, after my return from the first stay at Wernersville, when David seduced me.

I went home and I was terrified about him. For some reason, it centered on the cats.

Then, as I tapered off of the meds, I went into an explosion with my mother as an unfortunate target. She must have been black and blue. I didn’t even realize that my hands and feet were making contact with her.

My father had come on to me.

Meanwhile, my sister was in the upper room with a girlfriend and 2 boys,.

That is what started all of this and now, 35 years later, I know what happened.

That was the Satanic spell. David put a spell on me, my mother, and my sister. And, through that, on everyone else whose lives we touched. It has lasted all these decades.

He got me to sexually abuse the cats. My mother went into a sick serious thrall about me, obviously,; and, even more so, my father. For kicking the shit out of her.

And, he, David, claimed my sister. She ended up turning to one of those boys, who stayed all night, I heard. After the “beating” incident.

I never went there in my mind; but I realized it. David put unending animosity in her against me. And held her to himself.

Through the past girlfriend in his mind who went to Wellesley College for women, he was able to touch my sister through me to get her to go to Smith College, where there was a very unfortunate, historic rivalry with Wellesley.

He told me he pinched my mother on the butt. He said that she turned around and smiled. That is so her, I totally believe him. One spell. He said to me, “You had sex with your father and your cats.” Another spell. My sister came to visit one time and he saw her standing there in the day room: another “Claire.” (That was the name of the high school sweetheart who went to Wellesley.) A third spell.

Then, I met my ex, who had some Satanic connections and could tell that that was an issue but didn’t handle it. He was supposed to. It is 30 years later and he didn’t.

God help us all.

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