This Just In, Updated, updated

…See my last post.

omg, I just saw this.

About the explosion on my mother.

It was David.

The point about state hospital patient David and his girlfriend, Claire, who went on to Wellesley, is that he took her virginity and she hated him for it. He blamed his breakdown on this.

(Of course, he told me all this.)


So, the explosion on my mother was him taking my sister’s virginity!!!

It caused her to fall into the arms of one of those young men. They dated; and she inappropriately lost her virginity to him and, worse still, HE LOST HIS VIRGINITY TO HER. In my family that wasn’t deemed that horribly but in his, IT WAS. HORRIBLE. Because then they broke up. He assumed they would marry. He wasn’t going to have sex with anybody but his wife.

And this has always been held against me in the community. And my sister Claire as well.

That explosion was David coming through me, or, David was coming to me through it to my Claire.


That was how his raping me at the state hospital went down. I tried to pass it off as a relationship.

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