Retiring Blog

A week ago, I abruptly shut down this blog for reasons of my personal safety.

There also has been an issue of my personal safety with my NOT blogging as I cannot speak for myself in this fashion to the community any more.

But, as it has trickled out I see how the blogging–from the beginning–back in around 2009, I think–was about restoring my reputation, specifically, in the wake of my parents endangering me in the matter of my personal politics in the matter of the Obama/McCain race for the Presidency in 2008. HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPENED TO ME OVER THIS and I have been struggling ever since.

The upshot is that I HAVE NOW successfully cleared myself from decades of lies and abuse. I endured unsafety in this regard all along but, for a cause.

At this point I want to refrain from giving out further facts and info about myself that would compromise a potential book, movie, or lawsuit!

So, in that regard I could potentially open up this blog again in the future but, for now, I am signing off.

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