The Death Penalty

I go against the death penalty.
Last week I was saved.  I go against the death penalty I had against myself for a silly, faulty suicide attempt I made when I was 21–just a little girl in my mind.  For that, I stayed suicidal ALL MY LIFE.  I blocked it out of my mind when I had a kid:  I just couldn’t look into that tiny, beautiful face; and think those thoughts; but they cooked away in the back of my brain.
So, I finally abandoned them:  last week.  The Lord showed me that I was truly saved!  Not to worry!
So, yesterday, I became a Franciscan.
So, recently, I also harbored homicidal thoughts against two doctors at Johns Hospital Affective Disorders Unit in Baltimore, MD who were specifically responsible for the harm that was done to me there.  They were helping in an attempt to kill my child and put me back at the state hospital!  I didn’t realize that until after I left the Horsham clinic!  (three weeks ago.)  Where they were doing the same thing!
So I announced there (at the Horsham Clinic) that I literally wanted to KILL those two doctors (at Johns Hopkins) for what they did.  I wanted to sue them–and then KILL THEM!  Then, I realized today, that would be the death penalty.  And that would be wrong.  Only God has the authority to institute death.
Who knows why they were doing that, who knows what their true motivation was.  And, the Lord turns everything, everything to the good.
What about people on death row who are innocent?  In this broken legal system, we have to consider this.  The death penalty IN AMERICA has unique problems.  We are a multicultural, pluralistic society; it is harder here than elsewhere to know the truth about our fellow citizens.  Being jailed or EXECUTED for crimes we haven’t committed happens every day.  It happens socially.  It happens on psych wards.  It happens through the DEATH PENALTY.
God has a way to work things.
Everybody knows my position on any kind of abortion but especially through the vacuum suction method.  But there is also the issue of infanticide.  That is the DEATH PENALTY for a child that is not wanted.  Not being wanted is not a crime.  THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG with the myth of happiness in America.  Life is misery and suffering.  Life is a vale of tears.  Happiness happens to some but it is not a promise, it is not a guarantee, and “the pursuit of happiness” is probably not the noblest thing to do on earth.
The death penalty is obscene.

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