About Kent School.

At Kent, we used to say, “Give it a K K K for Kent School.”

I just didn’t think we even knew what we knew what we were saying.


Of course we did!

But I wasn’t like that!

So, about Harlem. And South Philly.

Black People are in a state of medical emergency.

They need emergency medical treatment per psychoanalysis, in the form of the current day practice of psychiatry as they begin to combine. The Lord has provided this combination over the last four decades.

Black people need sugar, cigarettes, antipsychotic medication, disability pay, emergency medical leave for a long time; the counsel of psychoanalysis by highly skilled and trained medical professionals; and any other surgeries (of the soul, body, and otherwise) that they may need.

They may also need free legal counsel to settle their personal lawsuits in their families and communities.

This is how they go free.

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