About the Hopkins Lawsuit

It is about my father.

He used my cats for his uncertainty principal.

Just like he used my wart/mole simplex.

He is English. The English don’t know how to act in America.

He confused them with a laser pen. He focused it on their eyes right close up and HURT THEM..

He told the vet to put it in the bag they gave me when I took one of them (I took both because the second was afraid to be left here with my father) for an ear infection that evidently had developed while I was away for two months for an emergency psych hospitalization after the wart/mole simplex was finally removed when I was 59 years old.) Who knows what my father did to the cat’s ear.

This is all about the Hopkin’s lawsuit.

I am suing them for a billion dollars.

My father had had a stroke.

He is the worst casualty of this whole situation.

He would likely have won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

My son, on the other hand, became horribly USED.

I probably would haved died.

My son would have gone into my mother’s care.

That would have been good medicine.


It was the state of the mental health profession at the time.

My family was being horrible USED. Each and every one of us in different ways.

To patch up other patients.

This continued for decades.

Then I was being ripped up in the communities I was living in and by old friends, and even in the press.

I was being called a paranoid schiz when this was not the case.

The psych ward was my only refuge. I was being healed in a way which was bad for everyone else and so painful for me because it was a harm to my child. He was literally dying inside and being so badly used.

This is typical of the abuse in the mental health profession but became very personal against me in ways that I cannot begin to express.

This is a billion dollar lawsuit.

It will not be settled.

If I die, my son and my husband will take it to court.

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