“California, a Pro-Life Novel”-

“California, a Pro-Life Novel” documents Abby and Bill’s exodus from Southeast Pennsylvania to the South West where they marry, and then to California.

Bill is a survivor of a Hurricane.  Abby has spent 4 years peregrinating in Pennsylvania as a psychiatric patient after a nearly fatal overdose.  Tragically, however, Abby gets pregnant and can’t have the baby because she is ill.

“Jesus Loves Unborn Children, a Pro-Life Blog,” catches up with Bill and Abby 20 years later, when Abby is coping with a second abortion and a born child.  The blog details her day to day experiences and reflections.  She is haunted even in her uterus, with pain and dryness.  Even counseling for post-traumatic abortion counseling doesn’t reach her.

“In this book you will find grief and heartache and no sure answers.  This is a place you have to go through if you get involved with abortion and I want it t be very clear to my reader and to anybody who is aware of this book the desperate heartbreak of any abortion and just how bad it can be.”


It is available at lulu.com