American Dream

About Slavery About Abortion Abortion is slavery. Technology is about slavery. The industrial revolution is about slavery. The slavery of black men and women and their children in America is the worst disaster of human civilization. The night before last, it was about to bring the end of the world. Through nuclear destruction. Through abortion … Continue reading American Dream

This Just In, Updated, updated

...See my last post. omg, I just saw this. About the explosion on my mother. It was David. The point about state hospital patient David and his girlfriend, Claire, who went on to Wellesley, is that he took her virginity and she hated him for it. He blamed his breakdown on this. (Of course, he … Continue reading This Just In, Updated, updated

Its because of the weather

That's why I had to bring the cats in. I got it when the winds came up suddenly as I finished eating. Also, that was probably why the "seizure-gasm" at the Rite Aid in town last night where I went for my second COVID vaccination shot. There was so much static that I errupted. A … Continue reading Its because of the weather