The real truth; word to the wise; 1

Tapering off Clozaril; resuming a tricyclic anti-depressant after 25 years After 4 months, my whole life is falling back into place. A MIRACLE is happening. No, I was not suicidal at Harvard in Fall 1982 when my roommates complained to the senior tutor and he marched me over to community mental health services. When I … Continue reading The real truth; word to the wise; 1

It all happened so fast

A paradigm shift. From Boston/Manhattan to Buffalo; 1982 to 1993. Englamerica to Canenglamerica. In 1978 I applied to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Colgate, and a few other top Colleges. Yale had the sense to wait list me, after two questionable interviews. I got in everwhere else, on the strength of a phenomenal personal essay about … Continue reading It all happened so fast


The National Review article in Yahoo News which I get on my cell phone brought me to a screeching halt. Entitled "The Impeachment Farce Limps Along to Its Anticlmax," it excoriates Democrats for their DISRESPECTFUL attacks on Donald Trump. The attack is rich with vitriol against wrong-minded opponents of the Predident and concludes with this … Continue reading Polemic