Its because of the weather

That's why I had to bring the cats in. I got it when the winds came up suddenly as I finished eating. Also, that was probably why the "seizure-gasm" at the Rite Aid in town last night where I went for my second COVID vaccination shot. There was so much static that I errupted. A … Continue reading Its because of the weather

Letter to my husband

First of all, I love you and adore you. Second, I am enjoying my cats. No worries. Especially about Joann. She was a very beautiful and a gifted woman. Being a Harvard graduate isn't the only way to be a worthwhile person. She helped me with that. Similarly, being English! So, I felt so OLD … Continue reading Letter to my husband

Falling out of Your Class in America

I used to say to my ex husband that I could talk to absolutely anyone because of the places I have been. For instance, I used to randomly and idly talk to men hanging out on street corners by Grand Central Station in New York CIty, and the like. I always talked to foreign cab … Continue reading Falling out of Your Class in America

Psych Diagnosis, Contd.; 2

Routinely showering at night instead of during the day, which was onerous. Today I am on an incontinence day because of the continuous lower GI issue; for 2 1/2 years it has been in abeyance with the daily use of Miralax, truly a miracle after a decade and a half of sick, serious lower GI … Continue reading Psych Diagnosis, Contd.; 2