Falling Out of Your Class in America; Part 2

I came here last night to post about something specific and then I lost it and forgot that I lost it. That is pretty endemic to this situation. Which is insanely complex. Hence the "Holy Mary, Queen of Stages" prayer. "Mother Mary, please continue to hold me and dovetail times and places broadly and minutely … Continue reading Falling Out of Your Class in America; Part 2

Falling out of Your Class in America

I used to say to my ex husband that I could talk to absolutely anyone because of the places I have been. For instance, I used to randomly and idly talk to men hanging out on street corners by Grand Central Station in New York CIty, and the like. I always talked to foreign cab … Continue reading Falling out of Your Class in America

figuring out my life tonight

...and its about romance and marriage and when and where the two collide and when and where they don't. I realized today that all my life I was in a thrall of a romance not even knowing it. It was hidden inside another mainstream college romance that everybody knew about that failed badly, partly because … Continue reading figuring out my life tonight

more on state hospital

Ian, Today I am breaking through to a new level. I am recalling Magdalena. A woman at the state hospital, she was pure blonde, talked to herself all day long under her breath.  She said she had a husband floating around somewhere in Germany.  Or, she was from Germany.  I cant remember.   She was a … Continue reading more on state hospital

At The State Hospital

I have talked about Mark at the state hospital; I have talked about David at the State hospital. I never explained that they were friends. Also, significantly, that the girlfriend that had him in a thrall from high school that he blamed for his Illness and was probably the cause for his seducing women and … Continue reading At The State Hospital