Gone With the Wind

Elizabeth Taylor. She always reminded me of my mother. Dark hair, a little husky, statuesque. I don't think I ever told anyone that. Nobody listened to things like that in me. And, moreover, my mother was a steeplechaser in her youth in England (See: "National Velvet,") So, on a different note, my mother also reminded … Continue reading Gone With the Wind

Letter to My Husband

"Salvation is here..." From a popular Christian song. I could never figure out why they didn't do anything when they took me out of the ambulance literally kicking and screaming back in the summer of 1986, after I lost control after stopping the Mellaril (an older antipsychotic medication) after getting out of getting out of … Continue reading Letter to My Husband

Old book projects d/c’d

"Every Cloud," a book project that had me for so long, i have discontinued, set aside, abandoned, after this mention i will never again bring it to mind. It led to a serious suicide attrmpt and a bankruptcy. Since then, my brother effectively commited suicide. The book project kept me alive in the most visceral … Continue reading Old book projects d/c’d