The National Review article in Yahoo News which I get on my cell phone brought me to a screeching halt. Entitled "The Impeachment Farce Limps Along to Its Anticlmax," it excoriates Democrats for their DISRESPECTFUL attacks on Donald Trump. The attack is rich with vitriol against wrong-minded opponents of the Predident and concludes with this … Continue reading Polemic

A Letter to Planned Parenthood

FYI This letter was written about terrorists in the Middle East back in 2012 but the comparison with Planned Parenthood bears making as they react to the new anti-abortion legislation. The Parts of a Terrorist (2012-09-13 05:42) First, immaturity, then inability to love. From this is quickly played the desire for glory; then, brainwashing. They … Continue reading A Letter to Planned Parenthood

A Letter To Planned Parenthood

FYI The Parts of a Terrorist (2012-09-13 05:42) First, immaturity, then, inability to love. From this is quickly playedthe desire for glory; then, brainwashing.They take something familiar, something dear, trusted, to lead you.Then, they teach you not to fear by scaring you half to death in every part—then pulling back just in time—and you are an initiate, a … Continue reading A Letter To Planned Parenthood