Another message: brief

Dear Sister M., Through my interactions with you, including finally the baptism, i am healing if tbe bizarre sexual condition that plagued me all my life. More on this later. 2 minutes later: The bizarre mental OCD that started eith imoroperly taking the Tegretil and Haldol in 1987 is clearing. Tbis is incredible. My current … Continue reading Another message: brief

Throwing hot coffee at my son, getting tasered

In 2011 or thereabouts, when i was off medication because i had just been on a posych ward which had duscharged me with a prescription for an anti-psycotic medication costing $1000 a month; i had a very nasty episode involving my son and his girlfriend. He had shoved me in the lower abdomen because i … Continue reading Throwing hot coffee at my son, getting tasered


Last night I went to be without taking my bedtime medications. After a brief moment of sheer terror, I embraced the day, and it has proved through the watershed of my brother's suicide. The denouement is that I finally understood that my first psychiatrist--"CHILD psychiatrist!" I always said-- was right in putting me on an … Continue reading Hallelujah