Letter to my husband

First of all, I love you and adore you. Second, I am enjoying my cats. No worries. Especially about Joann. She was a very beautiful and a gifted woman. Being a Harvard graduate isn't the only way to be a worthwhile person. She helped me with that. Similarly, being English! So, I felt so OLD … Continue reading Letter to my husband

smoking cigarettes

me; seen in Seminole, Florida, 2003 to 2007, smoking 4 packs a day accompanied by 20 oz glasses, or more?, of fridge water. Sitting by the small window in the kitchen by the glass paneled door. With a small fan. Satanic possession? Opioid-like addiction? Sleeping beauty under a spell? I had entirely quit a horrible … Continue reading smoking cigarettes

Letter to my divorced husband

Subject:Wernersville State Hospital boyfriend Frank C. I just figured this after all of those years why we got together as we did.I had been dating Frank C. from Fleetwood, strictly no sex. He was a lovely man, a lot older, had spent some time at Villanova University. He was an Italian American person.I could never … Continue reading Letter to my divorced husband