Last night I went to be without taking my bedtime medications. After a brief moment of sheer terror, I embraced the day, and it has proved through the watershed of my brother's suicide. The denouement is that I finally understood that my first psychiatrist--"CHILD psychiatrist!" I always said-- was right in putting me on an … Continue reading Hallelujah

Writing my way out of my blog

With my baptism on Satuday comes a restoration of old faith and, unbelievably, faith enough to declare my old vocation, which is to write.I never really stopped but for a while i couldnt even write a check.  Because of the medication I was taking, Tegretol, the sound and feel of the pen touching the paper … Continue reading Writing my way out of my blog


my mother and father are in their early eighties.  my brother's suicide has been too much for them.  I was baptised into the Catholic Church yesterday.  It was a beautiful private ceremony.  Of course they were not invited.  They are atheists.  Unfortunately, my father closely guards the Catholic baptism of his youth. It is one … Continue reading fight