Fearfully and wonderfully made

Abortion stinks. Its the worst thing. The Lord tells us we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139:14--1.) My mother didnt respect this. She blamed me for her ectopic pregnancy when I was 5 years old. Or, that was what it felt like. She went to the hospital for it on my 5th birthday, and … Continue reading Fearfully and wonderfully made

The truth is always better than a lie

My father thinks that I want to have sex with him. He thinks that all women secretly desire to have a sex with him. Maybe all men are like that. I couldnt know, because of my injured clit from being kneed in the crotch as a child. In college I hit my boyfriend on the … Continue reading The truth is always better than a lie

De facto ban on cigarette smoking a human rights injustice

This flew with Barak Obama Just because he needed to quit smoking we all had to. There was a movement that started out in California in the early 90's. And they lead the nation. At that point, it was a question of banning smoking in public places such as restaurants. And that was horrible for … Continue reading De facto ban on cigarette smoking a human rights injustice

A Letter to Planned Parenthood

FYI This letter was written about terrorists in the Middle East back in 2012 but the comparison with Planned Parenthood bears making as they react to the new anti-abortion legislation. The Parts of a Terrorist (2012-09-13 05:42) First, immaturity, then inability to love. From this is quickly played the desire for glory; then, brainwashing. They … Continue reading A Letter to Planned Parenthood