California, a Pro-Life Novel is available for purchase above link to has been updated AGAIN 9/29 11:41 AM California, a Pro-Life Novel, by Abigail Hill, is available for purchase for 9 dollars at the bookstore.  It is 97 pages long.  The "novel" describes the beginning of Bill and Abby's marriage in sunny California.  The Pro-Life Blog contains reflections on the … Continue reading California, a Pro-Life Novel is available for purchase

The Jeannie Problem

It used to be “The Tracey T Problem”–all these years that’s what i thought i was fighting.  Youll find it in my book. “Every Cloud…” (when it comes out;  still waiting on California, a Pro-Life Novel.”)  I touched on “the Jeannie Problem” in passing–i thought–while trying to figure Tracey T.  Now i see that Jeannie … Continue reading The Jeannie Problem

“California, a Pro-Life Novel”

I am in the process of vetting this blog for illegal references as I am making it a platform for my book which will be coming out in the next week or so, I will put an alert here when it actually becomes available at the self-publisher website  It will be available at Barnes … Continue reading “California, a Pro-Life Novel”