It all happened so fast

A paradigm shift. From Boston/Manhattan to Buffalo; 1982 to 1993. Englamerica to Canenglamerica. In 1978 I applied to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Colgate, and a few other top Colleges. Yale had the sense to wait list me, after two questionable interviews. I got in everwhere else, on the strength of a phenomenal personal essay about … Continue reading It all happened so fast

Suicide live online day 2

Actually we dont know exactly when it happened.  I am speaking of my going public here about it.  He we t mussi g over 2 weeks ago and his body was found in daylight hours there the day before Thanksgiving. Its been a slow burn. Thus morning at the Starbucks drivethrough the person ahesd of … Continue reading Suicide live online day 2

Who woulda thought…?

Well here i am en pointe at 57---who woulda rhought it?  Im backvat "Hutton, " age 17, 1979. To do a kttle tidying and re "point"ing.  Arrived on campus for rhe furst day of Freshman week withoutva a change of clirhes, landed at Kingston airpirt and asked directions ti get to the subway and from … Continue reading Who woulda thought…?

Vindicated on the smoking porch

The young black male psych tech was caught at it.  By dear wonderful med tech N (fighting the good fight for that word "wonderful.")  The female tech out there whipped the lighter out if my hand. And then he used the word "vampire" and i was way ahead if him.  I got Haribo sour vampire … Continue reading Vindicated on the smoking porch