Its because of the weather

That's why I had to bring the cats in. I got it when the winds came up suddenly as I finished eating. Also, that was probably why the "seizure-gasm" at the Rite Aid in town last night where I went for my second COVID vaccination shot. There was so much static that I errupted. A … Continue reading Its because of the weather

Foodie, men; revised

Saturday night 5/22. Last night I identified myself to my sons girlfriend--where there has been a conflict--as having an "exotic eating disorder." I realized it myself; at the end of my life--I am 59 years old-- I am moving into my final dieting mode. This one is going to work! The Lord is with me. … Continue reading Foodie, men; revised

smoking cigarettes

me; seen in Seminole, Florida, 2003 to 2007, smoking 4 packs a day accompanied by 20 oz glasses, or more?, of fridge water. Sitting by the small window in the kitchen by the glass paneled door. With a small fan. Satanic possession? Opioid-like addiction? Sleeping beauty under a spell? I had entirely quit a horrible … Continue reading smoking cigarettes

figuring out my life tonight

...and its about romance and marriage and when and where the two collide and when and where they don't. I realized today that all my life I was in a thrall of a romance not even knowing it. It was hidden inside another mainstream college romance that everybody knew about that failed badly, partly because … Continue reading figuring out my life tonight

At The State Hospital

I have talked about Mark at the state hospital; I have talked about David at the State hospital. I never explained that they were friends. Also, significantly, that the girlfriend that had him in a thrall from high school that he blamed for his Illness and was probably the cause for his seducing women and … Continue reading At The State Hospital

Psych Diagnosis, Contd.; 2

Routinely showering at night instead of during the day, which was onerous. Today I am on an incontinence day because of the continuous lower GI issue; for 2 1/2 years it has been in abeyance with the daily use of Miralax, truly a miracle after a decade and a half of sick, serious lower GI … Continue reading Psych Diagnosis, Contd.; 2

Words; Sudden Death

Tonight I am posting my way out of the weirdest and most important single moment of my life. I told my father earlier in the day that I was watching the 2015 Steve Jobs biography movie; at that moment--of course--I didnt know how it ended. It ends with a beautiful reconciliation between Jobs and his … Continue reading Words; Sudden Death