Word to the wise; MIRACLE; 2. Cheating

second post following 4 months tapering off Clozaril, a psych med; and adding Elavil, a tricyclic anti-depressant. In both high school and college I was unfortunately and somewhat unfairly, mistakenly, and erroneously accused of cheating on a boyfriend. And I didn't realize any part of that until years later; even now. In high school, I … Continue reading Word to the wise; MIRACLE; 2. Cheating

It all happened so fast

A paradigm shift. From Boston/Manhattan to Buffalo; 1982 to 1993. Englamerica to Canenglamerica. In 1978 I applied to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Colgate, and a few other top Colleges. Yale had the sense to wait list me, after two questionable interviews. I got in everwhere else, on the strength of a phenomenal personal essay about … Continue reading It all happened so fast

Missing cat; brother’s suicide

Well he was spotted near the barn today. Which turns around two weeks of horrible anxiety. My mother kept saying she would like to find the body so that we would know what happened. My brother recently successfully committed suicide so that's where her mind was at. I happened to know--because he was living over … Continue reading Missing cat; brother’s suicide