Another message: brief

Dear Sister M., Through my interactions with you, including finally the baptism, i am healing if tbe bizarre sexual condition that plagued me all my life. More on this later. 2 minutes later: The bizarre mental OCD that started eith imoroperly taking the Tegretil and Haldol in 1987 is clearing. Tbis is incredible. My current … Continue reading Another message: brief

Interesting Day: Medjugorge revisited

I brought up Medjugorge at dinner (its been over two weeks since my encounter with the proselytizer at the ER psych intake.)  There was a healing of the sexual abuse by my father.  He insulted me twice at dinner;  i walked away.  i got up frim dinner, left my plate and my cup on the … Continue reading Interesting Day: Medjugorge revisited

Proving Through (from late last night)

Its a miracle. The bad press that went down in 2008, when i was stymied by having to choose between supporting the first Black President and opposing abortion, is falling away.   I wrote insensitive letters to the editor of the St Petersburg Times deriding Barak Obama for being faithless to former slaves, not being one … Continue reading Proving Through (from late last night)