my mother and father are in their early eighties.  my brother's suicide has been too much for them.  I was baptised into the Catholic Church yesterday.  It was a beautiful private ceremony.  Of course they were not invited.  They are atheists.  Unfortunately, my father closely guards the Catholic baptism of his youth. It is one … Continue reading fight

More of the Half-Lives of a Suicide

I don't know why he did it.  Surely he could have picked up the phone and called somebody. I am going back in my mind to age 17 when I first desperately needed help, after my father tried to touch me.  I was thinking about the money, why I have never had enough money, and … Continue reading More of the Half-Lives of a Suicide

Suicide live online day 2

Actually we dont know exactly when it happened.  I am speaking of my going public here about it.  He we t mussi g over 2 weeks ago and his body was found in daylight hours there the day before Thanksgiving. Its been a slow burn. Thus morning at the Starbucks drivethrough the person ahesd of … Continue reading Suicide live online day 2